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Coronavirus Update

Effective September 25th, 2020 the state of Florida is now in phase 3 of the recovery. Restrictions on restaurants and bars have been removed. 

We are proud to be a partner to our community as we all continue to come back stronger than ever.

We invite you to read the documents below, to gain an understanding of the numerous efforts we have made, and will continue to make in order to provide a safe, clean, positive environment to help you and your family come and enjoy the activities you love the most. 

Guests / Parents FAQs

Learn about any restrictions that may be in place, and the changes to enhance the safety and cleanliness of the venue. Find out what process athletes, participants, spectators, and other guests may expect for entry. 

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50% Field Capacity

Review our field diagrams showing our commitment to reducing field capacity and encouraging social distancing throughout the Sports Complex. 

covid field capacity download

Operating Guidelines

Learn more about our social distancing requirements, food service areas, screening upon arrival, increased signage around the property, and general guidelines for activity throughout the Sports Complex.  

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Quick Read Guidelines

A shorter, single page document outlining our social distancing requirements, food service areas, screening upon arrival, increased signage around the property, and general guidelines for activity throughout the Sports Complex. Ideal for an at-a-glance read. 

quick read guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions


Are the bleachers open?


Yes, we are currently allowing guests to use the bleachers on all fields. We still ask that people respect social distancing, remaining 6' apart and limiting groups no no larger than 25. 


Are face masks required? 


Guests are not required to wear a mask to enter. However, we are working in conjunction with the State of Florida Department of Health, who strongly advise wearing masks in public. We do have free face masks available to guests upon entering the Sports Complex. We encourage people over 65 and those with major health concerns to limit activity outside the home. All people in groups, should maintain a distance of six feet from each other and wear masks. Masks should not be worn by children under two.


Do you have hand sanitizing stations at the Sports Complex?


Yes. There are multiple touch-less hand sanitizing stations located throughout the Sports Complex. They are highly visible, and can be found next to our bathrooms, concessions stands and right at the entrance. 


What are you doing to keep guests safe?


Guest safety is our number-one priority. We have implemented several new policies and procedures to help keep our guests, staff and community safe. These include:

  • Hand sanitizing stations throughout the property;
  • Free face masks for guests who would like them;
  • Carefully measured social-distancing markings along the sidelines of fields to help guest space out appropriately;
  • Increased informative signage; 
  • Staff members wearing masks; 
  • Frequent sanitizing of bleachers, dug-outs and any other high traffic areas before, during and after each game;
  • To see a full list, and more details please click below...
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What is happening to enhance the safety and cleanliness of the venue?


We have implemented multiple additional enhanced safety measures throughout the following areas;

  • Staff Team Members;
  • Food Service Areas;
  • Additional Cleaning/Safety Standards

For a more detailed breakdown of each, please Read More below.