PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla.—Panama City has more than just beach related tourism this year bringing in visitors this year.

Currently, Publix Sports Park is attracting sporting event planners from all over the country to the beautiful white sand beaches.

Publix Sports Park held its first event in 2019 with the USFA World Series, an event that is now hosted annually at the park.

Last year alone, the park raked in more than $110 million for Panama City Beach. Keep in mind that last year was a rebuilding year from the pandemic, so numbers are expected to increase in percentage from here on out.

With massive sporting events happening almost every week, players and their families are also stopping by restaurants, staying in hotels, and shopping local boutiques which has created a boom for the area’s economy.

“We look at 52 weeks during the season, 52 large-scale events. Right now, through the end of the calendar year, we have got 50 of the 52 booked for the 2022 calendar year, and it is exciting for us because each one is a new group in and a new group out,” Mike Higgins, general manager of the Publix Sports Complex, said.

This upcoming weekend, the sports park is co-hosting the United States Fastpitch Association World Series which was the first event they hosted three years ago. Yearly, the series brings in roughly $16 million for PCB.

Looking ahead, PSP is scheduled to host the Marucci Softball Regional Championships on July 21st and the Grand Slam World Series on July 25th.