Panama City Beach Adult Kickball League


The Panama City Beach Sports Complex is offering fun local adult kickball league for everybody to take part in. We are committed to making this the most fun adult kickball league in Panama City and Panama City Beach!

adult co-ed kickball league panama city

We want you to build a team with your best friends, co-workers and family and join us weekly for a season of exciting and competitive kickball. It’s a great way to stay active, make some new friends and have a good laugh at your old ones!


Panama City Beach has never had a state-of-the-art sports complex before. Now that we’re located right on your doorstep, we want to give you the opportunity to come out and play with us!


We are located just off back beach road at 50 Chip Seal Parkway. This puts us within easy reach of everybody living on either side of the Hathaway Bridge. With plenty of parking, on-site concessions and restrooms we have everything you need right here.

panama city beach adult kickball league

Come and play on our 9 Astroturf fields in a World class sports facility that was built to host huge tournaments from all over the country. We want as many locals as possible to come out here to enjoy it with us.


Kickball is a game you probably learned how to play back in 3rd grade. It’s easy to learn and fun to play. Well now it’s back and better than ever! Our Kickball league makes for a great way to bond with your teammates and even your rivals in a friendly game. It’s a no-drama community of Panama City Beach teams that come together to have a great time.


Kickball is the perfect game for everybody to play, no matter your age or athletic ability. This is a co-ed kickball league, so you’ll need a balanced mix of guys and girls to put together a qualifying team.


You’ll need a roster of at least four guys and four girls to make a team. Your team can have no more than 18 players in total.


panama city adult co-ed kickball leagueWe will provide professional umpires for all games. That way you don’t need to worry about keeping score or making difficult calls. All you need to worry about is warming up and stretching enough before your games!


There is a team registration fee due at the start of the season. A great way to reduce the cost per-player is to simply create a larger team. Although we always price registration so that it’s accessible and open to everybody. Prices may vary by season, so to check the current registration fee, please visit our site; link below).


Your team registration covers the cost of equipment, facility use, and umpires. In addition, the winning team gets a special commemorative T-Shirt. But it’s not really about the T-Shirt. It’s all about the bragging rights!


The kickball league season lasts six weeks. All teams are guaranteed to play a minimum of 10 games and everybody makes the playoffs. Plus, most weeks each team will get to play two games per night.


co-ed kickball leagueOur kickball league is a great way to bond outside of work and stay active at the same time. Plus, if you want to all get together after the games and grab a cold one at your favorite local bar – that’s part of the fun too!
So if you work at a restaurant, make a team.
If you work at a bar, make a team.

We’d love to see a first responders team, a hotel team, an attraction team… No matter where you work, let’s find out once and for all, who the greatest kickball team in all of Bay County really is!


Take a look at our Adult Kickball League page and find out more. Then all you need to do is convince your friends to sign up and put together a team.